Camping is one of the most memorable experiences someone could ever have, The wind blowing on your face, sleeping under the cover of the stars, waking up to the chirping of the birds and enjoying the wonders that nature provides us along with our friends and family.

The purpose of camping its enjoying nature to its maximum, therefore a good shelter should be the first thing that’s set up, but putting up a tent is the toughest part of the camping experience, working with hard metal poles, sticking pegs into the ground and going through a hard process when building.

Now imagine being able to set up a 6-person tent, in less than 5 minutes, completely by yourself, with a minimal amount of effort put in, that sounds impossible, but all of this and more is what inflatable tents provide us with. I listed the 5 main benefits of this great improvement in camping technology.

  1. tent in secondsVersatility. The time and effort put in setting up the normal tents make these unreliable for a trek, having to set it up only to sleep and then take it down the next morning its a horrible feeling; on the other hand, inflatable tents are set up in a matter of minutes, you only need to unfold it and blow air inside with a pump, then just remove the lids to let air out and fold it back to keep going on your adventure. Inflatable tents are not only used in trekking or camping, but they are also used for kids to play with on a house’s back garden and if it’s big enough it can serve for a family event; all thanks to its easy set-up and take-down process.
  2. Vacations. Vacations are known for being expensive, you have to pay for plane tickets, accommodation, car rental and more; all of the money spent on a single vacation can pay for countless opportunities for camping experiences with family or friends. You only pay once for your inflatable tent and camping equipment, you can use food at home to supply your stay in the wilderness and pay for gas needed for the car this is much cheaper than even a non-exotic destination and can be repeated as many times as you want, the possibilities are unimaginable, just as the moment you will spend when camping.
  3. Quality. Buying normal tents requires a careful selection of brands, qualities, sizes, and prices. On the other hand, when buying an inflatable tent, you ensure the best quality of each product, as inflatable tents are the premium products of only a handful of brands, consequently, the brand will make these products out of premium materials that can withstand strong winds, anti-mosquito windows, waterproof coating, blacked-out sleeping areas and much more.
  4. Portability. Non-inflatable tents use poles, these are stored inside of the tent bag, these can be easily broken if not used carefully and they take up a lot of space within the bag, which is usually of considerable size if it holds more than 4 people. Differently, the inflatable tents take up fewer space thanks to them not having metal poles, therefore they hold more people, some of these types of tents are even designed to fit in a backpack, perfect for trekkers.
  5. Durability. Inflatable tents are made out of premium material, this means that it can last for a really long time, overrunning the normal non-inflatable tents. But if your tent rips, breaks or something fails, there are specialized people to help you fix these issues, some companies give out warranty for extended periods of time, and even though these tents are of the elite category, these fixes are usually inexpensive.