You want your family to travel, but you also want a functional vehicle to drive. Choosing the best and safest car for your loved ones can be a challenge, especially with all the different types of automobiles in the automotive world these days. You must be sure that the vehicle you are buying and the car insurance that you must follow will be as safe as possible. Maybe you can even find an incredibly fuel efficient and economical car. In any case, some brands and models are at the top of the list in regards to the best vehicles for families to buy.

Below is a list of best family cars you can consider buying :

Toyota Prius V

If you want to make 42 miles per gallon in a car, but need something roomier than small hybrid vehicles. The Prius V version of the Prius is more extensive, enough to be called a compact SUV, and is an excellent option for families. If you have ever tried to make a road trip with your family in a small, finished car, you would probably like to have something like the Prius V. And with the suggested retail price of this compact SUV of around $ 27,000, You will find that it is affordable and respectful of the environment.

Honda Civic

Most people love to talk about their Honda, saying that they can have them for years and years and throw them away because they are heavy vehicles. The Honda Civic is no exception. It is also very easy for your wallet to $ 16,000, so this could be a great idea to keep your house safe and comfortable on the road.

Honda CR-V

To continue the Honda trend, try the Honda CR-V if you are interested in a larger vehicle. Getting a car will cost more regarding fuel savings, but the latest version of the CR-V has a much better MPG rating.

Chevrolet Suburban 1500

If you are a soccer mom (or father), you know you have a minivan or a large SUV as a rite of passage. You should consider a Chevrolet Suburban 1500 for an SUV that can accommodate up to 9 people and can carry over 9,000 pounds of equipment, luggage, children and all kinds of things that could end up in your vehicle. It is also a very comfortable car, and being a sports utility vehicle, the price is not bad: around $ 43,000 MSRP.

Ford Flex

Laugh at everything you want for your shape (this car looks like a side refrigerator with wheels), but the Ford Flex has many advantages, one of which is the fullness of the seats. Also, ironically and hilariously it has a refrigerator in the center console. This vehicle seems to be a little weird on the road (is it an intimidating fridge metaphor?), You and your family will always be so exclusive when you leave this boxy champion of a car (word game).


The different vehicles described in the previous article should help you choose the best family car. These cars of different brands have different characteristics that make them suitable for the family; Spacing and energy efficiency are among the essential elements of these characteristics. The information presented above should be useful.