Winter is almost upon us and the dreaded cold will be here to stay for the next couple of months. While it is certainly easier to deal with than the unescapable heat, sometimes the cold is too much to bear at home no matter how many layers of clothes we throw on ourselves. Modern houses don’t tend to come equipped with fireplaces as a standard, so it is particularly hard for people in countries with constant sub-zero weather to get proper protection against the extreme temperatures. Luckily, there are ways to combat the cold beyond burning out lumber or coal in your living room, so keep reading to get the hottest tips for the summer.

Get an electric blanket

Unless you are a winter sports enthusiast, chances are that you will be spending more time tucked in your bed warm and cozy during the winter than out and about enjoying the extreme cold temperatures. For those days in which the cold is just too much to bear and you won’t even think of getting out of bed, an electric blanket can significantly increase your warmth and comfort. It can make you warmer much quicker than your regular blanket, and it can keep your bed warm while you’re away. Make sure to check reviews or a list of the best electric blankets available in your area before you settle on one.

Insulate your windows and doors to keep the cold out

Insulation is paramount in any house located in a place that goes through harsh winters every year. While you may think that insulation is just a matter of walls and maybe floors in some cases, the truth is that you can also apply a different type of insulation to key parts of your houses such as windows and doors. These are critical locations of your home since the cold can enter directly through these openings. Keeping them insulated against extreme temperatures will greatly help you keep your house warm during the winter.

Install a pellet stove heating system

Traditional central heating systems can be expensive to install and not as energy efficient as other options available in the market. If you own a house and have considered alternatives to heat your whole house, then you might have come across pellet stoves as a rather popular option nowadays. This system consists of a stove that doesn’t burn coal nor lumber, but instead uses pellets from recycled wood and organic materials. It keeps smoke to a minimum and it is way more efficient than other competing systems.

Invest in a fireplace… An electric fireplace

Lastly, we ask: why rule out fireplaces entirely just because you can’t get a traditional fireplace in your home? Electric fireplaces are a modern take that can heat your home with just as much strength for a lower cost and contamination levels. They can also serve as a great piece of decoration to really tie the room together. Most home improvement and decor stores nowadays carry a fine selection of electric fireplaces from which you can choose the one that best matches the style of your house and your heating needs.